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For the better protection of everyone
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Gift 1: 50 PCS disposable protective glovesGift 2: 6 PCS filtersGift 3: Three-color replacement housingGift 4: Dust protection bag

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Filtration efficiency is 99.99% in line with N95 standard CE certification
The full report can be viewed at the bottom of the website

About transportation
Due to the impact of the epidemic, many logistics companies now have unstable transportation times. In order to enable all buyers to receive the masks as quickly as possible, if the logistics company selected by the buyer has special circumstances and the time is unstable, we will reset it according to the actual situation. Choose the shipping method that works best for buyers.
Shield Protector Store offers a lifetime warranty
Masks sold by our store brand have a security code for a warranty card. If the product fails, you can use the security code on the warranty card for free lifetime maintenance.
Why do masks have lifetime maintenance?
Perhaps most people do not yet understand our products.We will permanently use smart portable oxygen machine protective masksHigh-tech fusion 1. Portable oxygen generator mask 2. N95 filter 3. Air purifierOur masks are equipped with filters that meet the FPP3.N95.KN95 standard. They can effectively filter dust, PM2.5, pollen, exhaust gas and other harmful substances, and then pass the air purification device for secondary purification to obtain the cleanest air.Portable oxygen generator mask: with independent air circulation system. After opening, a large amount of oxygen enters the circulatory system, thus solving the problem of difficulty in breathing and air circulation in traditional masks. This is useful for people who have difficulty breathing and asthma. They wear masks and run. People who have trouble breathing are very helpfulTherefore, our masks are not simple disposable masks. We are environmentally friendly permanent masks. There are many other uses. You can use it permanently to protect yourself and your loved ones, so we also provide permanent repair services.

5 layers of purification and decomposition, two-way circulation of air in and out, independent intake and exhalation air ducts, forming a scientific and complete breathing microcirculation

5 level super compound filter can effectively purify the air and prevent pollution, formaldehyde, odor, allergens, harmful gases

Three gears can adjust the air volume, and the large area can smoothly enter the wind, which can meet the needs of various occasions

Quieter and more power efficient. Dedicated motor, reducing power consumption by 58%, ordinary working mode only needs 1.2W, strong battery life, reducing energy consumption and energy saving
After fully charged, the smart air circulation function can be activated for 8 hours. Even if the battery is exhausted, the protection will not be reduced.

Baby food-grade soft silicone, which can be washed directly or sterilized by heating at high temperature, and can be recycled forever

Lightweight body, long-term wear will not make you feel tired

Using ergonomic principles to make your wearing more convenient and fit your face
Recommended head-mounted

It is very easy to change the filter element. Please note the front and back.

Please be kindly noted,the listed product is produced and distributed abroad and subject to the laws of its country of origin.
We may be the only electric mask in China and the world to test for viruses and bacteria. Authoritative certification test report proves that we can effectively resist viruses

common problem
Q: Why cant the machine start when I press the start button?A: Please press and hold the power button for more than three seconds to startQ: Why doesnt the USB charging indicator light up?A: The machine has a charging protection function. If the light is off, press the power button once.Q: The silicone is dirty. How to clean it?A: Common cleaning methods are: flannel wipe / wash / put in boiling water and sterilize at high temperature.Q: Why is there moisture in the inner cavity of the fuselage after wearing it for a while?A: This condition is common in cold winter weather and is caused by the condensation of the normal exhaled water vapor, which will be naturally discharged from the air outlet valve.Q: What is the reason for the smell when you first wear it?A: This is generally the natural odor of the activated carbon layer inside the filter, which does not affect human health; and the odor will automatically dissipate when the electric air supply is turned onQ: Is the products silicone material safe?A: The silicone material of this product has passed the international ROHS certification and the German SGS food-grade certification. It belongs to food-grade silicone. Please be assured that it has no harmful substances.1. Adequate inventory. After payment, the warehouse will send the order quickly.2. We are manufacturers that can help you ship directly to customers without providing price information3. How to choose a childs figure?Children under twelve choose child size4. Filter replacement timeThe filter replacement time is not fixed. If you have been to a hospital or have been in contact with a relatively dangerous patient, you need to change it every day. If you have not been to high-risk and high-contamination areas, you can replace the filter element once every 3 to 5 days (since the virus will last a long time, it is recommended that you purchase a backup filter in advance)5.About colorThere are three color accessories in the package you can change freely6. Logistics tracking informationBecause the private airline fast routes used in some countries do not have logistics information displayed on the platform, you can enter the transport order number on this website to query ask me the latest track of logistics informationIf you dont get the answer, please leave a message. We will reply as soon as possible